A Trajectory Of Success Since 1970!


In 1970, Newton Ribeiro brought together charm and elegance in an innovative project when he founded the Instituto de Massagem Doutora Oyama (Dr. Oyama Massage Institute). A native of Belo Horizonte born on May 13, 1923, he was always a visionary entrepreneur in his professional career and trajectory.

Through his countless Institutes, he accumulated prizes over time. Among the most important, Solange Jobert was named Symbol of the World Masseuse in Paris; the International Quality Trophy was won in Madrid by the Newton Ribeiro Group, with the unforgettable Brut Relax For Men, considered the best in the world at that time.

The Doutora Oyama brand is currently a reference in reliability and quality in the segment, as the first and most traditional Massage Institute in Brazil, with international prestige and recognition.


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