Newton Ribeiro, King Of Relax.


…People are complicated, which is precisely why they are captivating. For me, in the 1970s, it was easy to see the damage that the modern world was causing to the human soul. Chemical and noise pollution, the exhausting work of the big city, tension and, finally, the real climate of war to attain day-to-day achievements were leading men to become physically and mentally burned out; in today’s modern world, we call this stress, which causes some to waste that which I hold so dear: life.

According to medicine, stress is one of the main causes of heart attack. Exercise, which stimulates blood flow, causing oxygen to enter the cells, is without question an excellent anti-stress measure. But does today’s executive have time for exercise? Is there any patience for it after being overcome with fatigue? I asked myself this and I answered this myself. There was a true confrontation between the idea and the practical possibility of making it real.

To improve quality of life, massage institutes should emerge in Brazil for perfect relaxation. As they existed for millennia. As there were in Rome and Athens, just to cite two ancient civilizations, not to mention the Oriental system of the Arabs, Chinese and Japanese.

Female beauty is anti-stress. A woman’s touch is almost a divine touch. This was the formula for mitigating the stress of the modern man. Simple. Pure. It caused an uproar. In the ’70s, the media labeled me with adjectives (due to my overwhelming success). Some I liked. Such as “Newton Ribeiro, King of Relaxation.”

Life was very gratifying to me, in its broadest form. With life itself. Whole, intense, well-lived. One present it gave me was the insight to put an ad in the Business and Opportunities section of the O Estado de São Paulo newspaper on January 6, 1970: Solange, Rosana and Jane. Relax Massage. Turkish bath. Soaking. Rua Doutor Vila Nova, 46, 9 AM to 6 PM.

Sift out all of the day’s problems and leave them in a closed file if you are unable to delete them… Then give in to the delicateness of the touch of our masseuses… Because the heart of a human being is also within four walls.”

– Newton Ribeiro


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